Our 250-Ton Link Belt Conventional Truck Cranes

Excellent traction and mobility on uneven roads

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250-Ton Link Belt Truck Crane

This Link Belt Truck Crane is strong enough to lift a locomotive!

The Link Belt HC-268 conventional truck crane has a staggering 250-Ton capacity with a maximum boom length of 270 ft. This crane has excellent traction and mobility on uneven roads, so it can reach all those difficult spaces. Power hydraulic outriggers ensure maximum stability at any job site. This heavy lift crane has enough power to get any job done. Call Associated Crane today for a quote!

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Our cranes are capable of lifting even the heaviest machinery, like this 100-Ton locomotive.

The versatile 250-Ton is available for all of your heavy lifting needs.

We encourage you to give our staff here at Associated Crane an opportunity to serve you. If you're interested in learning more contact us today.