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22-Ton Peterbilt Boom Truck Crane

Available in many boom sizes for just the right reach.

This Reno-Tahoe Crane Company has several different cranes available for Construction Support. One is the Peterbilt 22-Ton Boom Truck. It comes with a Manitex 2281. You can learn more about the technical specs of this boom truck at Manitex International Web Site. They also have product information about the 22 Ton Crane: here.

The 22 Ton Peterbilt Crane actually has a 19.9 metric ton capacity. It comes with several boom sizes that offer just the right reach. They include:

  • 4-Section 81'(24.7 meter) Proportional Boom
  • 3-Section 77' (23.5 meter) Proportional Boom
  • 3-Section 62'(18.9 meter) Proportional Boom
  • 3-Section 50' (15.2 meter) Proportional Boom
  • 92' 6" (28.2 meter) Maximum Main Boon
  • 133'2" (40.6 meter) Maximum Tip Height with Telescopic Jib

There are also various "Tractor Mount Options" including a:
  • 21 '6" (6,6 m) A-Frame Outriggers
  • 10" (3 m) A-Frame Rear Stabilizer
  • 2-Speed Planetary Hoist with Grooved Drum and Negative Draft Flange
  • Load Sensing Systems with Digital Display and Overload Shutdown
  • Radio ATB
  • Rugged, Weatherproof Electrical System with Circuit Status LEDs
  • Removable Behind Cab Boom Rests on Tractor Mounts
  • Clamp-On Mounting

This 22 Ton crane is available for your project, call (775) 343-1033 for a quote and logistic information.

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