Telescopic Cranes in Tahoe

Associated Crane provides 100-Ton hoist and move services.

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100-Ton Telescopic Boom Crane

Meet the Monster - the 100-Ton Link-Belt Crane.

When you are moving heavy equipment, you may need the Link Belt HTC 86-100. This "Telescopic Boom Crane" can easily handle any 100-Ton move. This crane is available for your project now. Call Associated Crane at the number below for more information.

Why should you use this crane?: This crane is very stable. It is made of five sections, one base section, and four telescoping reach sections. It has superior strength and it is able to handle any weight up to 85 metric tons.

See the 100 ton crane on Google image: search.

Associated Crane provides heavy lift cranes to all of Northern Nevada construction sites.

Learn more about the 100-Ton Link-Belt Crane by contacting us today.